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Mindbloom Consulting’s services focus on the application of creativity and innovation for your organisation’s growth and advancement. They could be tailored to your specific needs.

Some of the services are:

  • Delivering keynote speeches at international, regional, national and professional conferences.
  • In-house speeches prior to annual planning meeting of senior executives to unzip their minds for more productive meetings
  • Customised program for the trademarked “Copycat Innovation” program : ranging from half-day to 3 full-days)
  • Customised program for the trademarked “Dolphin Wave Innovation” Process : ranging from half-day to 3 full-days)
  • Facilitating in-house ideas generation and creative problem-solving sessions
  • Specific talks on creativity and innovation as required by organisations
  • Consultations and mentoring for business innovations

The signature program is the Dolphin Wave Innovation Process.

All the programs are designed for you to reap the maximum benefits through application of its principles, concepts and processes.

Some of the more popular programs are as below.



To introduce the Dolphin Wave Innovation Process to Fast-track Your Innovation with Minimum Uncertainty in 5 Simple Steps and do it using the Least Time, Money, Efforts & Resources!


According to studies carried out by leading international organisations such as IBM, Boston Consulting Group, Accenture, Booz Allen Hamilton and BusinessWeek, the most important competitive skill that a CEO needs is innovation. CEOs in a PwC study say innovation is the most important factor for growth.

Yet only 4% of CEOs have an innovation system in place in their organisations. The reasons are: FEAR and the lack of a system.

Innovation is a highly risky business which may sap your company’s resources, time and efforts with great uncertainty on whether the investments will ultimately pay off.

Fortunately, there‘s a proven path. It is probably the greatest unspoken secret of the most successful and profitable corporations.

This revolutionary Dolphin Wave Innovation Process was developed after more than ten years of study into the innovation secrets of world’s consistently best-performing companies. It is considered to be more powerful than the Blue Ocean Strategy.

The wave represents the business environment – dynamic, changing and giving life to the economy of the nation. The dolphin represents the creative and innovative approach to adapting to the changing business environment by standing out from the competition.

The three key unique benefits of this system are:

You start from a winning formula by tapping into the best brains in the world

You fast-track your company’s innovation with minimum risk using the least time, budget, efforts and resources.

You can measure the results in most cases

The key features of the Dolphin Wave Session are:

  • Fast-track your innovation success by starting on a winning formula
  • Understanding and embracing the tools of Internet technology;
  • Infusing your people with enthusiasm for Innovation;
  • Creating a crystal clear vision of what you want to achieve through your business innovation
  • Providing online and offline tools for innovation
  • Empowering each participant with the means to be an up-to-date expert in their chosen field
  • Leave you with a practical plan for fast-track innovation that will minimise risk and optimise your business success.

Program Delivery

This session will be conducted by Dr.YKK (Yew Kam Keong, PhD), an internationally renowned business innovation speaker and consultant.

The training consists of 2 parts:

  1. Overview of the Dolphin Wave System
  2. Application to participants’ businesses

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the learning program, participants will be able to:

  • Innovate on demand to stand out from the competition
  • Master the latest methods to solve problems, cut costs, improve efficiency, and open new competitive space.
  • Develop a practical Innovation Action Plan for to fast-track your innovation
  • Build a champion innovation team by developing your people as the most up-to-date experts in their chosen field


(A Half-Day Session to Tune Your People to Creativity)


This preliminary session on creativity awareness is critical to tune your whole organisation to adopt creative thinking as part of your corporate culture. It should be made mandatory for all staff to attend.

Sustainable business is no longer just about efficiency, quality or even productivity. It is about creativity and innovation. the need to harness the collective creativity of your people in order to grow and prosper in this K-economy

This dynamic and interactive session will help to liberate the minds of your people to be more receptive to creativity. It will provide them with the big picture of creativity. They will also learn some basic principles of creativity and how to apply them to their work.


Your people will be able to:

  • Be more receptive to ideas
  • Look at issues from a fresh perspective
  • Understand and apply basic creativity principles
  • Take initiative to start an innovative project

Workshop Outline

Why Creativity is critical for success?

  • Global scenario
  • Malaysian scenario

What is Creativity?

  • Concept and theory of creative thinking
  • Left and right brain thinking
  • Whole brain thinking

Creativity Techniques

  • 5 steps to Creativity
  • Primary Creativity Techniques
  • Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats

Creativity at Work

  • Taking small creative initiatives
  • Generating ideas to solve an existing problem

Who Must Attend

Staff at all levels who are able to follow the presentation should be encouraged or made mandatory to attend

No. Of Participants: 50-100



(A 2-Day Unconventional Workshop for Innovative Strategies For Sales & Marketing)


Most sales and marketing training teaches standard techniques. While they are useful, the world has changed and many prospective clients are aware of this technique thus reducing their effectiveness. Besides modern technology has provided us with new and more powerful tools that permit us to leverage our creativity to market much more effectively.

This workshop will enable your company to explore unconventional and innovative sales and marketing techniques that stand out from your competition. It is a mind-unzipping experience that opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Some of your people will actually have the opportunity to act out roles while the others will gauge their impact. It will be a fun and thoroughly enriching experience.

Ultimately, it means that leveraging your people’s creativity means that your company will be able to get maximum impact with minimal costs – the principle of doing more with less.


Your people will be able to:

  • Understand your company’s strengths
  • Identify your competitors weaknesses
  • Apply the principle of doing more with less
  • Formulate unconventional and innovative strategies that bring results
  • Make work environment much more result-oriented

Workshop Outline

The Changed World

  • Changing consumer demands and preferences
  • Leveraging imagination

Power Sales and marketing strategies

  • Making connections with other businesses
  • Doing things differently from your competitors

Creative Techniques for the Changed World

  • Ideavirus : marketing for free
  • Permission marketing
  • Multi-sensory experience
  • The power of the metaphors

Implementing your techniques & strategies

  • The principle of doing more with less
  • Creating a great impact with minimum cost

Who Must Attend

Executives, managers, supervisors, and all those who are keen to harness their creativity to improve their company’s business.

No. Of Participants: 30 max



(A 2-Day Workshop to Equip Your People with Creativity Skills)


We need tools for carrying out our work. For example, the computer is now an indispensable tool for practically in all organizations, especially business applications. However, many organizations have neglected the most important tools of all – the tools for creative thinking. Creative thinking tools and techniques are the most important pre-requisites to sustain and grow your business in the Creative Economy of the 21st century.

This workshop will introduce the following:

  • Five steps to Creativity
  • Three primary Creativity Techniques
  • The concept of Mind-mapping
  • Mindscaping (used in President Clinton’s Whitehouse)
  • Displayed Thinking ( used Walt Disney in the planning of their theme parks)

These powerful tools and techniques can be used for:


  • Ideas generation
  • Strategic planning
  • General administration and management

Taken together, they form the basis of inculcating a creativity culture throughout your organization.


Your people will be able to:

  • Understand and appreciate the value of creativity to business
  • Learn creative problem-solving skills
  • Generate lots of business ideas
  • Apply these skills to their daily work and planning sessions

Workshop Outline

Understanding the Creative Economy

  • Why creativity the greatest driving force in business today
  • How does this impact your business
  • What can you do about it

The 5 Steps to Creativity

  1. Knowledge
  2. Thinking
  3. Incubation
  4. Eureka!
  5. Development

The 3 Primary Creativity Techniques

  1. Forcing Connections
  2. Breaking Rules
  3. Brainstorming

Who Must Attend

Executives, managers, supervisors and all those who are involved with the planning , decision-making and key operational aspects of your company.

No. Of Participants: 30 max



(A 2-Day Workshop on Managing Creativity)


Managers have the task of translating their organisation’s mission and goals into action. They will be told what to do but generally not how to do them. Managers therefore have to seek the best possible ways to carry out their tasks so as to bring maximum benefits to their organisation. This calls for creative thinking

Most managers are well trained in “hard” skills but not the soft ones like “creative thinking”. This workshop is designed to fill this void.

Business solutions cannot be found in text-books. They have to be generated by the managers themselves using their knowledge and experience. But they also need creativity tools to facilitate their thinking process to come out with innovative ideas. The tools that they learn from this workshop will guide them along the path of creative excellence.
Workshop Contents

  • Basic principles of creativity
  • Personal Creativity Profile Self-Assessment
  • Instant creative minutes of meetings
  • Business ideas Generation techniques
  • Reviewing staff’s ideas from a business perspective

Your managers will be able to :

  • Conduct creative and more effective meetings
  • Increase ability to generate new business ideas
  • Enhance ability to manage creativity
  • Mentor others in creativity skills
  • Translate business goals into innovative solutions

Who Must Attend
Executives, managers , supervisors and all those who are involved with the planning , decision-making and key operational aspects of your organisation.

No. Of Participants: 30 max