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Mindbloom Consulting  was founded in 1998 by Dr. YKK (Yew Kam Keong), the company’s Chief Mind Unzipper & Business Innovation Speaker. The company’s name can be easily remembered by associating  Dr.YKK with it:

Dr. YKK unzips your mind to make your mind bloom with creativity.”

The company has evolved from its initial focus on creativity to innovation – the practical end of creativity that brings positive results and benefits to the organisation.

As Mindbloom’s Chief Mind Unzipper, Dr. YKK is well sought after for the following:

  • Delivering keynote speeches at international, regional, national and professional conferences.
  • In-house speeches prior to annual planning meeting of senior executives to unzip their minds for more productive meetings
  • Customised program for the trademarked “Copycat Innovation” program : ranging from half-day to 3 full-days)
  • Customised program for the trademarked “Dolphin Wave Innovation” Process : ranging from half-day to 3 full-days)
  • Facilitating in-house ideas generation and creative problem-solving sessions
  • Specific talks on creativity and innovation as required by organisations
  • Consultations and mentoring for business innovations

Dr.YKK is a dynamic and interactive presenter who engages well with the audience. He is probably the world’s first and only corporate laughter designer to help organisations start their day or meeting with  creativity, joy and enthusiasm. Each corporate laughter he designs is unique, fun and captures the identity of the organisation. With this unique laughter, your organisation will become a happier place to work  in. Your people’s working life may never be the same again!

Mindbloom’s services cover over ten countries, including: Australia, UK, Mauritius, India, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia.

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