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Antec Engineering

“Antec now has a compound growth of 20% per annum, and has grown annual sales to +S14mill and most importantly profitable. The business now has excellent processs in place and now set to grow further in Australia and overseas. As you know Antec acquired two businesses KBS Passive Fire and Epitech Stud-Welding Supplies.Dr. YKK, you played an important role in kick starting on this profitable growth plan.”

John Clare

Managing Director – Antec Engineering Australia

Business NSW

“Your speaking events were a great success… In an unprecedented flood of written comments the words: “Fantastic”, “Excellent”, “More please”, “Really enjoyed it”, and lots more in similar themes confirmed how good your events were. I also would like to thank you for your exceptionally friendly and professional cooperation which made the events easy to run and stress free. I can’t ever remember managing an equivalent event and having fun doing so!”

John Mason

Business Development Manager – Department of State & Regional Development, NSW Australia

Slade Group

“Too often in business we do the ‘same old, same old’ and not even differently. Our biggest challenge as a professional services firm, in a highly competitive and undifferentiated sector, is to embrace new thinking and make massive changes to enhance the employer and candidate experience.
Dr YKK, as a consultant to Slade Group on Creative Thinking in Business and Creative Thinking in Recruitment, has really allowed us to ‘unzip our minds’, and let loose our craziest ideas. We’ve learnt that it’s often the craziest ideas, tamed, that end up being the leapfrog strategy.
I highly recommend Dr YKK to Australian organisations; he brings a fresh approach, global commercial experience and a very endearing personal style. “

Anita Ziemer

Managing Director – Slade Group Australia

Lawyers & Notaries

“I wish to express my gratitude for your assistance to us in better promoting our business and improving our standing and better cash-flow prospects.
I found your approach very friendly, professional and down to earth and your ideas very creative and helpful. I am very excited about those ideas you have given and I have already began implementing the recommendations you made to us regarding the most useful and targeted promotion of our business.
Once again thank you and I look forward to working with you further in the future. “

John H. Maait

Lexis Law – Lawyers & Notaries


“Dr. YKK’s session really got me thinking.
There’s a lot of “stuff” these days about unlocking the creative potential of businesses – I expected Dr. YKKs session to be just another one of those.
It wasn’t.
It was thought provoking, it was motivating, but it was also substantial.
I’ve already shamelessly plagiarized a number of Dr. YKKs observations, and I plan to keep doing it.
Well worth the time.”

David Hayes


Cahoots Australia

“Dr. YKK is an amazing motivational and creativity speaker. He’s incredibly clever at showing you how to open the door to thinking outside the mainstream.  It was also really good fun and I was completely taken with his workshop. When we left, Bill and I couldn’t stop talking about the “thinking differently” with our business. “

Sheryl & Bill Macartney

Cahoots Australia

Siemens Malaysia

“You have addressed our challenges during his talk and provided creative inputs on how they could be met. You have facilitated some wild ideas generation session on building synergies between business units and then tone it down for possible practical implementation. The entire session was highly inspiring and gave us valuable insights into the tools for creativity and how to apply them in our business.”

Rainer Althoff

President & Chief Executive Officer – Siemens Malaysia Sdn. Bhd

FACB Industries

“The techniques and knowledge on creativity shared during the workshop as well as those in your books are very practical and can be put to immediate use to bring about change and progress. I believe w e learned a lot during t he workshop and we have since been implementing what we learnt in our daily routine.
On the whole, your thought-provoking talk encouraged us to be even more proactive. I believe everyone walked away with a special message from you -“Be creative in whatever we do”!”

Tan Sri Dato’Sulaiman Sujak

Chairman – FACB Industries Incorporate Berhad

Pannasoft Technologies

“When come to churning out creative solutions, Dr YKK wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer – even for the toughest business problems. In our case study of an ailing company, I thought the business problem we have chosen was insurmountable. After going through the creative session, we saw so many possibilities. We didn’t just see the light at the end of the tunnel – the entire tunnel was brighten up. There are so many things can be do to almost every aspect of the business.”

Janaka Low, PhD

Chief Executive Officer – Pannasoft Technologies Sdn Bhd.

Dataprep Holdings

“Dr.YKK’s talk is profound, creative and highly provocative, just what our company needed. It was profound because he was able to match our three-pronged strategic plans to the three dimensions of innovation. He provided practical creative inputs to our business development and then provoked us to take specific actions. His passion and commitment to us shone throughout his presentation. I find his presentation captivating and transformational.”

Chew Liong Kim

Chief Executive Officer – Dataprep Holdings Bhd.

Capital Advisory Services (Thailand)

“Your presentation drew the audience in and held their attention for two full hours, with cases, exercise and activities. We all agreed that we had learnt a new knowledge in the entertaining atmosphere.
I personally understand more why creativity is so important to our life and feel more confident to express new ideas, and welcome different opinions from others.”

Phanit Tiracongchaipunt

Vice President, Head of HR & Administration – Capital Advisory Services (Thailand)

Cerebos (Thailand)

“Your session provided us invaluable inputs to our marketing strategy. You are skilled to facilitate and guide our team on the generation of ideas followed by practical comments on how to enhance these ideas for further implementation. Your creativity is truly inspiring!!”

Lackana Leelayouthayotin

Executive Vice-President & CEO South-East Asia – Cerebos (Thailand) Ltd.

Whitman Independent Advisors

“My personal creative sessions with Dr YKK provided me with the impetus and ideas on how to proceed with the writing of my first book. He even challenged me with a unique and provocative title for my book “You Can’t Manage Your Money .. Especially When You’re Rich”.” The contents of my book are a direct result of my response to his challenge.”

Yap Ming Hui

Author of the book: “You Can’t Manage Your Money … Especially When You’re Rich”

Managing Director – Whitman Independent Advisors Sdn Bhd

Webforge Co. Ltd.

“Dr.YKK’s. Creativity Workshop brings to life the unlimited potential in each one of us. It is fun yet it challenges us to see things far differently. I am confident in due time that it will dramatically impact on my personal and career lives. For as long as I can creatively use my mind and follow the basic principles of Dr.YKK’s Creativity Workshop, no-thing is impossible!”

Willie C. Ilagan

Webforge Co. Ltd. Middle East United Arab Emirates

EAC Asia

“This was a very stimulating workshop. Not only did we manage to generate a lot of new ideas, but the most important thing might be that the team realised why creativity is a key success factor in today’s tough market place. If participants in the workshop take the perspectives and techniques we learnt back to their workplaces, that would be a very valuable thing for the company.”

Hartwin Feddersen

Marketing Manager – EAC Asia

The Lion Group

“YKK has the gift of tailoring his talk to the specific needs of his audience. At  the First Networking Forum 2002 of The Lion Group, he was able to use the ‘power of connections’ among our subsidiary companies to boost their creativity in synergistic marketing to a higher level. We were motivated and energised to explore new possibilities for future business ventures.”

Yip Kam Hong

Senior HRD Manager – The Lion Group

Kimgres Marketing

“Our sales and marketing team generated lots of ideas during YKK’s creativity workshop. We are now evaluating these ideas for selection and development as part of our marketing strategy.”

Angie Goh

General Manager – Kimgres Marketing Sdn. Bhd.

ABN-Amro Bank, Malaysia

“YKK’s creativity workshop is a real mind-opening experience for me and my colleagues. The simple yet powerful Mindxercises enable us to think beyond our present constraints. The lessons learnt are extremely useful and practical to our ongoing restructuring exercise. I highly recommend this course to senior executives involved in strategic planning.”

Theo Bark

Managing Director – ABN-Amro Bank, Malaysia

NPCC (Mauritius)

“This is to certify that Dr. Yew Kam Keong (better known as YKK) has been instrumental in NPCC’s endeavour to raise awareness to innovation and bring about a change in mindset especially at the grass root level.
The activities conducted by Dr Yew and the awareness to innovation which has been raised will be helpful in the creation of a Mauritius Innovation System.”

Nikhil Treebhoohun

Executive Director – National Productivity & Competitive Council (NPCC), Mauritius

University Technology Malaysia

“Dr.YKK’s workshop has shown us the impact of creativity on our lives. The participants consisting of professors, lecturers and final year Students alike have realised the importance of creativity and how it enhances  their lectures and research activities. Students too found that their thinking skills have improved considerably. Overall, it was a very enriching experience that benefited all of us.”

Prof. Halimaton Hamdan

Director – Ibnu Sina Institute for Fundamental Science Studies, UniversityTechnology Malaysia

SPM Syarikat Permainan (Malaysia)

“Dr.YKK creative ideas generating session had led us to revise a board-game called “VOCABLE” which was not selling well for the past 18 years. Today, this product has become a very good selling model and also won a prestigious “Good Design Mark” awarded  by the Malaysia Design Council.”

Ting Ted Sun

Managing Director – SPM Syarikat Permainan (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd