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Dr.YKK ( Yew Kam Keong PhD)

Chief Mind Unzipper & Business Innovation Speaker


Dr.YKK helps organisations to innovate for fast results with minimum uncertainty using the least time, effort and resources. The process works well for both private companies as well as the public sector.

Why strive for original innovation when unoriginal innovation wins hands down every time!

In fact, this is the untold secret of the world’s most successful and profitable companies such as Apple, Samsung, Google, Facebook, Haier and the list goes on and on. Isn’t it time you do the same?

After more than 10 years of study of innovation practices of multinational corporations and SMEs, Dr.YKK created the revolutionary 5-Step Dolphin Wave Innovation Process to fast-track innovation on demand in a systematic way, frequently with measurable results. It was developed by extracting the most practical philosophy and features of the world’s best innovation systems, putting a structure to it, then combining it with proven online and offline innovation tools. The process adopts Sir Isaac Newton’s (the greatest scientist who ever lived) fundamental philosophy of seeing further by standing on the shoulders of giants.

His clients who adopted this approach, achieved outstanding growth and profitability. An example is Antec Engineering of Australia (see homepage). Please refer to Endorsements.

Dr.YKK was granted a “Distinguished Talent on Creativity And Innovation”  visa by the Australian Government  that enabled him to move to Australia in 2007.

He was the only person from among the 54 British Commonwealth member countries to be selected as a creativity adviser to the world-famous toy company, Lego to serve on its pioneer  8-member panel of international creativity experts for its global project “ The Next Generation Forum”.

A member of one of Vistage Malaysia’s (then called TEC) CEO groups for several years, he was also a resource person for creativity and innovation to practically all the CEO groups. Vistage international is a world’s leading CEO organisation.

In 1999, he left his job to set up Mindbloom Consulting, and calls himself the Chief Mind Unzipper, the one and only such title in the world. Since then, he has been invited to speak at many professional, national and international conferences and to conduct creativity workshops in several countries such as Australia, UK, Mauritius, India, China, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia.

He was a member of MENSA International  and a founder member of MENSA Malaysia , Founder President of IDEAS (Invention And Design Association Of Sarawak) , founder member of MINDS (Malaysian Invention & Design Society) , founder member and 3rd President of the Malaysian Association of Professional Speakers (MAPS). He is also a former judge of the world largest MBA Innovation Challenge international competition. Currently, he is a member of the international CSTC (Creative Skills Training Council). He has also been appointed as a Faculty Expert on one of Australia’s premier business websites :

Dr.YKK features prominently in Google search.

Dr. YKK has written and published 9 books on creativity. His best-selling book (reprinted 18 times) : “You Are Creative-Let Your Creativity Bloom” has been published in six languages. It has received the endorsements of CEOs, professionals, managers, students, teachers, parents and other prominent personalities from all over the world.