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You Are Creative – Let Your Creativity Bloom (Creativity & Innovation)

At last, an extraordinary book on Creativity that takes your family to tantalizing journey of discovery, entertainment, amazement and awakening through its well-crafted, practical and inspirational principles illustrated by captivating stories that capture your imagination

Reading this book is a exhilarating and unforgettable Mind Unzipping experience.! It will make a positive difference to your life.

The paperback hardcopy (see below) can be ordered here

You can also buy the book in pdf and other formats like epub, mobi, rtf, lrf, pdb, txt here.

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Steve Jobs Quotes of Creative Wisdom (Creativity & Innovation)

Welcome to your inner journey of exploration, discovery and enlightenment! This book is a guide to live the life you want based on Steve Jobs wisdom, principles and values.

May your life too will be touched by reading and reflecting on Steve Jobs’ quotes.


Innovative Solutions For Competitive Advantage In Business (Creativity & Innovation)

This creative book is specifically written for entrepreneurs, CEOs and business executives who believe in the power of ideas as profitable inspiration for their business. It is not just a book for reading but also serve as an action-oriented stimulus for entrepreneurial thinking and reflection.

A unique creative feature of this book every chapter consists of two parts. The first part is Creative Business Challenge and the second part is Innovative Business Solutions.