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Studies after studies by highly respected and reputable organisations such as  Accenture, IBM and Booz Allen Hamilton have concluded that  innovation is of  critical importance to business survival and growth.

The most innovative company in the world (that’s Apple) is also the richest and most profitable company in the world. This is not a coincidence as the other successful companies are innovative too.

Yet most organisations are hesitant to embark on innovation. Why?

Please take a moment to answer the questions below:

  • Are you afraid that innovation is a high-risk undertaking?
  • Do you feel apprehensive about innovation?
  • Do you think that a lot of uncertainty is associated with innovation?
  • Do you envisage that innovation takes up a lot of time, effort and resources which could be put into better use in your daily operations?
  • Do you foresee problems in implementing an innovation program for your organisation?

A section of the 400 energised participants

If you answer “Yes” to any one of the statements above, then you have found the right place to begin your journey of innovation, to stand out from the competition and to prosper your business.

Entrepreneurs, business owners and CEOs generally adopt three approaches to innovation. Some ignore it and continue business as usual. Secondly, they are aware of its importance  to their businesses but  do not know how or where to begin. The rare third category, less than 4 % have innovation strategies in place.

Obviously, the late Steve Jobs belonged to the third category. Considered to be one of the greatest business minds, he built up Apple as the greatest, most innovative and most profitable company in the world. Steve Jobs learned from the best from different industries and improve on them. He mentioned three essential features for business innovation success.  Read on to find out more about these three features.

Now, at last, after more than 10 years of study, the revolutionary Dolphin Wave Innovation Process will steer you to innovate on demand, with minimum risk and using the least time, energy, resources and money. It adopts Sir Isaac Newton’s fundamental philosophy of seeing further by standing on the shoulders of giants.

The Dolphin Wave Innovation Process was developed by extracting the most practical philosophy and features of the world’s best innovation processs, putting a structure to it, and then combining it with proven online and offline innovation tools.  All these are packed into a powerful 5-Step process that you could implement immediately. In short, enabling you to innovate on demand.

Innovation has been frequently associated with seeing light at the end of the tunnel. It implies taking a shot in the dark amidst the gloom and doom. However, with the Dolphin Wave Innovation process, you no longer need to look for light at the end of the tunnel; you have the means to light up the whole tunnel itself! Thus there is no need to plunge into the unknown. The Dolphin Wave Innovation process gives you superb clarity.

Among others, the 5-Step Dolphin Wave Innovation process incorporates  Steve Job’s three essential features as well as the philosophy of the much-acclaimed Blue Ocean Strategy. The Blue Ocean Strategy was developed by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne of INSEAD Institute, a world renowned business school. The strategy is about making competition irrelevant.

Why you should find out more about the Dolphin Wave Innovation process:

  • It taps into the best brains in the world for winning solutions 
  • It illuminates the process of innovation, making it easy to understand, to support and to implement
  • It equips your people with proven online and offline tools of innovation 
  • It accelerates innovation with minimum risks using the least resources 
  • It arouses your people’s enthusiasm and appetite for innovation
To find out more on how your company can benefit from The Dolphin Wave Innovation Process and Steve Job’s three essential features for innovation, please contact Dr.YKK on Skype ID: dryewkk or email him at  to make an appointment for a 18 minute  FREE Consultation.

The creator of the Dolphin Wave Innovation Process, Dr. YKK (Kam K Yew PhD) is acknowledged as a Distinguished Talent on Creativity & Innovation by the Australian Government. A best-selling author and a certified yoga laughter facilitator, Dr. YKK is an international speaker, trainer, and innovation consultant.   He has worked with governments, multinational corporations and SMEs.

Dr. YKK was the only person from among the British Commonwealth countries to be selected to serve on the pioneer panel of Eight International Creativity expert advisers to Lego on its global project “The Next Generation Forum”.

His best-selling book “You Are Creative” has been reprinted 17 times and published in six languages.

“Antec now has a compound growth of 20% per annum, and has grown annual sales to +S14mill and most importantly profitable. The business now has excellent processs in place and now set to grow further in Australia and overseas. As you know Antec acquired two businesses KBS Passive Fire and Epitech Stud-Welding Supplies.Dr. YKK, you played an important role in kick starting on this profitable growth plan.”

John Clare

Managing Director – Antec Engineering Australia

If you want to make waves in your business, give a call to Dr.YKK to find out more about the  Dolphin Wave Innovation Processs.

To find out more on how your company can benefit from The Dolphin Wave Innovation Process and Steve Job’s three essential features for innovation, please contact Dr.YKK on for a 18 minute FREE Consultation.